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Theatre as Voice (a guest blog by Emily Jones)

This is a guest post by Emily Jones, a third year Theatre student at Lancaster. Emily originally wrote this for a half-day Gender and Women’s Studies seminar which I co- organised with a colleague Anne Cronin (from Sociology) entitled ‘Is the Personal Still Political?: Young Women and Sexualisation’. The impetus for this seminar was our … Continue reading

Stacy Makishi The Falsettos

There is a moment towards the start of The Falsettos when Stacey Makishi is telling a story from her childhood about  her mother going into hospital. Apparently this was for a cosmetic breast job but four year old Stacey did not know this and was terrified her mother might be going to die. By co-incidence, … Continue reading

Professor Shannon Rose Riley and Elaine in Conversation about Good-Night-Out-Girls, Cowgirls & Strippers

Early November will find me (Elaine) visiting Dallas, Texas for this year’s annual conference of the American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR). I’ve joined a working group dedicated to ‘Tasting Dallas’ (organised by Josh Abrams, University of Roehampton) where the invitation is to ‘locate’ a research project in the city. Every group member has a … Continue reading