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Be Like Water. Hetain Patel

Be Like Water. Hetain Patel February, Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster Hetain Patel was born in Bolton the son of a car worker who came to the Britain from India in the 1970s (we don’t hear anything about his Mum but maybe that’s for another show). At the start of the show Patel communicates with us via … Continue reading

Total Football – Ridiculusmus (Touring)

I lost my flyer for Ridiculusmus’ Total Football, playing this week at our campus Nuffield Theatre. So, as my menopausal memory failed to recall the names of the company’s duo (David Woods and Jon Hayes) whom I have long admired for their physical virtuosity and talent for presenting wickedly funny yet socially insightful shows, I … Continue reading

Forced Entertainment and The Coming Storm

I still find it hard to forgive Forced entertainment for their 2008 show, Spectacular. In the company’s signature style of playing with theatrical conventions, this show’s concern with ‘the strange game of playing dead’, performed by a skeleton-costumed Robin Arthur and a histrionic Claire Marshall, made for grim viewing. This was not least because while … Continue reading

Bom Retiro 958 Metros, Teatro Da Vertigem, São Paulo, Brazil

Of late, I have of become a little weary if not wary of site-specific performance. Or rather, what I find myself critically resistant to is the increasingly prevalent idea that performance taking place outside of conventional theatres is necessarily more ‘political’ than anything that might take place within a traditional theatre set-up. Moving theatre into … Continue reading