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Peaky Blinders: Impossible Masculinity and the British Western

   It’s now several weeks since Series 3 of the UK TV drama Peaky Blinders finished broadcasting but I have often found myself thinking about this drama Loosely based on actual historical events, it is set in post-World War 1 Birmingham (the British midlands) and follows the rise to power of a criminal gang dominated by … Continue reading

From Doctor Foster to Medea (Almeida)

It was my daughter, Maggie, who urged me to watch the BBC’s five-part series, Doctor Foster, scripted by playwright Mike Bartlett and starring Suranne Jones.  Besieged by an overly busy start to another academic year, I was reluctant to find the time, but all it took was one episode and I was completely hooked, watching … Continue reading

Scott and Bailey PS (Series 3, Final Episodes)

Ok so my embarassing gushing in my previous post about ‘friendship’ amongst the main, female characters in Scott and Bailey was put to the test, or rather in the episodes that followed it, Scott and Bailey’s friendship was put to the test by Rachel’s (Bailey) drunken self destructive behaviour.  In the last two episodes they … Continue reading

Eurovision & Performing the ‘New’ Europe

As far as the UK’s participation in Eurovision is concerned, it seems to me as though we have become as sceptical about the song competition as we have about staying in the EU (at least as far as the Tories are concerned). Bonnie Tyler’s ‘sterling’ effort this year was applauded by Graham Norton as the … Continue reading

Scott and Bailey

 Originally one of the reasons for starting this blog was that Elaine and I wanted an outlet to express our enthusiasm for the TV police drama Scott and Bailey. Based on an idea by performers Suranne Jones who plays Rachel Bailey and Sally Lindsay and written by Sally Wainwright who also wrote Last Tango in … Continue reading


This week I was on BBC iPlayer watching the first three episodes of Borgen, series 2, currently aired on BBC4, this having missed the first series, despite an urgent recommendation from a friend to watch it. Now I see why. The personal points of identification are so strong. Well, no, I never got to be … Continue reading