The Red Chair, Clod Ensemble, Nuffield Theatre Lancaster, Feb 2014.

I used to be scathing about storytelling for adults as a genre, perceiving it as all a bit too overstated and ‘hey nonny nonny’ for my taste. Then I encountered the brilliant ‘intercultural’ storyteller Vayu Naidu and had a road-to-Damascus revelation that just like any other mode of performance in the right hands, it can … Continue reading

Monologues for Women and Sarah Daniels

Methuen recently commissioned me to write an introduction for a new edition of Sarah Daniels’ Masterpieces, a play which debuted in 1983 and in which Daniels dramatized her politically provocative and powerful radical-feminist critique of pornography. Coming back to Masterpieces I was forcibly struck by the way in which over thirty years later the issue … Continue reading

Abba Museum – Stockholm

The Abba Museum is a relatively recent addition to the Museum district in Stockholm (it opened in May 2013) – so recent in fact that it could do with just a few more signposts. But follow in the tracks of the female-friendly groups as my daughter and I did on our visit in September and … Continue reading

From Morocco – Hadda, Schizophrenia and Larmes au Khol

(Larmes au Khol ) I’ve recently returned from a trip to Morocco where I attended the annual, June conference organised by Professor Khalid Amine, President of the Tangier-based International Centre for Performance Studies (ICPS). It’s the second time I’ve been able to attend this conference; on both occasions I experienced this as a culturally valuable … Continue reading