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The Little Shadows by Marina Endicott

Set in Canada in the first decades of the twentieth century, The Little Shadows revolves around the three teenage Avery sisters, Aurora (16) Clover (15) and Bella (13) making their way around the ‘Polite Vaudeville’ touring circuit across Alberta, Montana, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The three girls are accompanied on their travels by their mother Flora, … Continue reading

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Gerry: Ok I know I said you should start because you are the expert on Twilight but I’d just like to say that of the three films in this series I have seen I liked this one the best… probably because it had the most ‘action’. Elaine: Well, are you sure it isn’t another kind … Continue reading

The Killing 3 and Homeland

The third and final series of Danish television series The Killing ended on British broadcast TV this week and the second series of the US programme Homeland has just one more episode to run. I recently had a conversation with someone who, like me,  had initially been a fan of both these shows set around … Continue reading

Mad Gyms and Kitchens by Bobby Baker

There is something about being offered a cup of tea (and a biscuit) in the context of a show that seems to render it especially delicious, refreshing and sociable. Bobby Baker offered spectators a cup of tea back in 1991 as part of Kitchen Show but I’ve only seen this performance on video, so that … Continue reading