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Reflecting on the ‘Hear Me Roar’ Feminist Arts Festival Lancaster March 2016

I am writing this post on ‘Hear Me Roar: Ages, Stages, Phases’ from a double perspective. Through one lens I see it as someone who was part of the team involved in organising this feminist arts festival (with most of the hard work being undertaken by unflagging, (very) creative producer, Leo Burtin.) Through the other … Continue reading

Stacy Makishi The Falsettos

There is a moment towards the start of The Falsettos when Stacey Makishi is telling a story from her childhood about  her mother going into hospital. Apparently this was for a cosmetic breast job but four year old Stacey did not know this and was terrified her mother might be going to die. By co-incidence, … Continue reading

The Walking Dead : Gender Issues

For various reasons I have found myself watching The Walking Dead. This US produced TV drama is based on a comic book and features a post apocalyptic –zombies- take-over -the-world (or rather the USA)-scenario. Zombies are very popular at the moment but apart from finding it hard to stomach the gore, they have never ‘made … Continue reading